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                  About Us

                  Since 1992, it has been awarded “Top 50 Industrial Enterprises of Chongqing” for 15 times (since 1992). 

                  National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise (1994)

                  Top 500 Machinery Companies in China (2005)   

                  Model Workers’ Home (2005)

                  Chongqing Quality and Efficiency Enterprise (2005)

                  National May Day Labor Award (2006) 

                  Advanced Primary-level Party Organization of Chongqing (2006)  

                  National Certified Enterprise Technology Center (2006)  

                  The Youth League Committee of won company won the “National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee” (2006)  

                  National Civilized Unit (2009) 

                  National Enterprise Management Innovation and Demonstration Unit (2009)  

                  Chongqing State-owned Enterprise Contribution Award (2010)  

                  Advanced Primary-level Party Organizations in Central Enterprises (2011)  

                  National Advanced Enterprise Implementing Excellent Performance Model (2012)  

                  The Youth League Committee of our Company won the “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee” of Chongqing (2013)  

                  Advanced Collective for Military Parade Services for the 60th Anniversary of National Day (2015)

                  Outstanding Contribution of Armored Equipment Support for the Military Parade Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War (2015) 

                  Chongqing Model Enterprise of Integration of Information and Industrialization Management System (2016) 

                  “Research and Application of Key Technologies of Drive and Propulsion System of High-power Drive Gearbox” won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress. (2016) 

                  “Key Technology and Equipment for Precision CNC Machining of Complex Modified Gear” won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress. (2018) 

                  “Research and Industrialization of Key Technology of Combined-Power Drive Device” won the First Prize of The Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. (2018) 

                  The company has been awarded “Chongqing Postdoctoral Research Station” and“National Postdoctoral Research Station” (2018) 

                  The Military Class of Final Assembly Branch won the “Red Flag pole of Central Enterprises” (2010)

                  Boring and Milling Class of Boring and Drilling Section of Machining Branch won the title of “National Worker Pioneer” (2014) 

                  Boring and Milling Class of Machining and Final Assembly Workshop of Wind Power Company won the title of “National Worker Pioneer” (2018) 


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